Thank you to the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute at Brandeis University!  They hosted 

Graphic Content: The Sacred Art and Beautiful Math of Rachel Braun

and to Pozez Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia for the exhibit

Embroidery and Sacred Text 


and to Dominican University, River Forest, IL for the Bienniel Interfaith Artists Panel



Jewish Magic and Superstition

at the  Dr. Bernard Heller Museum,

Hebrew Union College, New York

Photo: Rabbi Gilah Langner

at The Textile Museum in Washington, DC.

"Artist and mathematician Rachel Braun's creativity and depth of knowledge led to a lively conversation about her art and the long tradition of interpreting Jewish text into new forms. The event attracted a large audience of men and women ranging from older scholars and community members to college students, all of whom were captivated by Braun’s explanations of the hidden patterns in her art and the surprising reasons for her holding a Guinness World Record for her collection of graph paper. Braun’s art is graceful and complex, and she speaks with both real passion and an infectious sense of humor. She is truly one of a kind."             -- Lisa Fishbayn Joffe, Hadassah-Brandeis Institute

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© 2021 by Rachel Braun.  Embroideries generously scanned by Philip Brookman.