Graph paper categorizes space, matching the background grid (rectangular, polar, logarithmic, etc.) to a particular reality, so the curves we graph can plainly characterize phenomena. If that isn't inspiring enough -- vintage graph paper has a soft, velvety feel that modern-day computer graphics just can't match! Visit my etsy shop to enjoy more graph paper -- for paper projects, origami, scrapbooking, paper sculpture, or just some fine writing.  Click on the blue button below to reach The Giddy Grid graph paper store:  

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Watch my interview with the Guinness Book of World Records here.

   Read my interview at the Penn Gazette blog here.

I'm the Guinness World Record holder for the largest graph paper collection in the world. I have 1700+ distinct sheets of graph paper!  They are of many varieties: rectangular, polar, semilogarithmic, logarithmic, hyperbolic-reciprocal, isometric, isometric-orthographic, radio frequency, fluxolite (which you see as the background of this page -- isn't it cool?!), normal probability plot, Smith chart, data pad, trilinear, circular percentage, traverse sheet, plat paper.  They were designed by many manufacturers: Keuffel and Esser, Dietzgen, National, Frederick Post, Graphic Controls, Champion Line, Aquabee, Miller, Alvin, Kay Electric, Mead, Vernon Royal, Ampad, Clearprint, Geyer, Pioneer,  Citadel.

Polar K&E 46 4410 photo

Quilter's paper diagonal grid double sided0001

Polar Frederick Post 334TG

Orange orgy

Plat Kansas Blue Print 09-340

Logarithmic K&E 46 7402 photo - Copy

Logarithmic K&E 46 7000 photo

Logarithmic Champion Line 655 in package - Copy

Audio Frequency K&E 46 6882 - Copy (2) - Copy

Codex and Graphic Controls papers acquired Oct 2015 - Copy (2)

Calendar grid K&E 46 6690 photo - Copy (2)

Fluxolite K&E 46 4453 crop - Copy

Fluxolite K&E 350 31.5 3rd (2) - Copy

DSC01646 - Copy

Grab bag orange 1 - Copy

Isometric-orthographic Kellogg Brown & Root - Copy

Alvin 5510 - Copy (2) - Copy

Calendar grid K&E 46 2613 - Copy (2)

Calendar grid K&E 46 3090 - Copy (2)

Business card image Logarithmic K&E 46 7083 - Copy (2)

Square grid school graph paper, J.L. Hammett

K&E 46 2613 months by days x divisions - Copy

Calendar K&E 46 2890 - Copy - Copy

Gaming paper side 2a - Copy

Codex collection - Copy (2)

Alvin 5510 - Copy - Copy

K&E 46 6882 - Copy

© 2021 by Rachel Braun.  Embroideries generously scanned by Philip Brookman.