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At their best, postage stamps convey much about a country -- its culture, accomplishments, geography, people, and history. I salute those countries who share their national stories with data and with statistical graphics. Their choices convey respect for the quantitative literacy of their postal customers, as well as appreciation for the importance of numbers in telling the story of their national life. Read more about statistical graphics on postage stamps by clicking on the button:


FSAT TAAF 2006 C02 - Copy
Gabon 1964 World Meteorological Day
FSAT TAAF C99 40th anniversary - Copy
France 2011 OECD
France 2011 OECD
Iceland 2014 100th Anniversary Statistics agency
Ethiopia 1986 child survival (2)
Japan 1981 pharmacology congress
Germany 1989 population histogram
Luxembourg 2012 STATEC 50 years
Netherlands 1984 International Small Business Congress SG 1448
Yugoslavia 1983 UN Trade and Development
Congo (Brazzaville) 1978 Heart Health
Finland 1989 commercial education
Andorra 1979 Sc 113
Austria 1979 population histogram HAVE
Poland 1975 International Statistical Institute (ISI) emblem Sc 2115
Israel 1962 218 Malaria
Australia science education HAVE
Cameroon Follereau World Leprosy Day 1979
Ecuador 2001 1560a 1560b
Botswana 2011 Census 945
Bolivia 2011 75 years National Institute of Statistics
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